Thursday, November 3, 2011

happy happy birthday, sister dear!

Dearly beloved sister-o'-mine, 

Happy birthday, my love! I can't believe it's already time for another "Cassidy's Birthday" blog (the only thing I consistently post, alas - see the last two here and here). I'm a little appalled at how long it's been since we've talked, and I'm looking forward to calling you today. 

 Like so many of our pictures, you look fabulous and I look smooshed. 

For the rest of you, here are a few facts about my sister. Fact 1: She's smokin' hot. 

Just hanging out, looking great. It's how she rolls. 

Fact 2: She is a wonderful sister.

Believe it or not, the people in the above picture are actually related.

Fact 3: Like the most badass woman in the world (our grandmother, pictured below), my sister is also wicked smaht, talented, spiritual, and exceptionally fashionable. 


Fact 4: I love her tons. 

Happy birthday, my dear! I wish I could be there to celebrate with you, but I know you'll have a good time.

Love always,


*When we were little Cassidy couldn't say my name. It was delightful. She has remained delightful ever since.

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  1. I can just picture 5-year-old Haylie wandering around and telling grown-ups, "My little sister is delightful." Adorable!

    Based on this post, I'm pretty sure that delightfulness and adorability runs in your family. :)