Saturday, August 27, 2011

hey irene

Hi all.

I'm going to be super quick here, because I'm simultaneously making a pea, rosemary, and parmesan omelet* before the power goes out (which I'm expecting it will, although who knows?). That's right, Irene. You can take our power, but not our taste. So far it mostly feels like a typical thunderstorm outside, although it's also oddly different in a hard-to-define way. It's the duration, I think, and also the massive size of the thing. It's been blustery and rainy and oh-so-very-dark all day long. Thunderstorms are quick. I taught today and had a very unnerving drive home, but now I'm home and safe and looking forward to a delicious dinner and a cozy evening watching the storm. As long as the power/internet hold out I'll continue to update you if anything interesting happens. In the meantime, be safe, be dry, and think happy thoughts for all the people who will be seriously affected by this craziness.

*Note: Becoming a vegetarian has done wonders for my cooking/willingness to experiment. Update coming soon.

8:24pm Update: Beginning to feel/hear some pretty gusty wind. We still have power and internet and can't see out much (just because it's light in our apartment... and dark outside). Doesn't feel like anything unusual yet. Just a really, really long thunderstorm.

Monday Update: Turns out that Hurricane Irene was a nonevent for Ross and me. We heard lots of loud, house-creaking wind, and it did a number on the river trail behind our apartment, but we never even so much as lost power. In fact, my Sunday classes and church were both canceled, so we spent all of Sunday lounging around, reading, going for walks, and eating. LOTS of eating. It was kind of awesome, actually. Basically, Hurricane Irene gave me my one and only day of summer vacation. Also, the day-after weather was fantastic. It's a dilemma: on the one hand, I got a much-needed day off to spend with the spouse. On the other hand, other people got flooding and property damage. Boo.

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