Wednesday, March 14, 2012

study plan

Good morning everyone. I'm on spring break this week, which is great, but which mean lots of time at home. Sometimes being home is productive, but sometimes I get distracted, so to inspire me to get more done I drove into Baltimore with Ross this morning and am currently "studying" here:

Pretty slick, right? Pros: Beautiful, really quiet, relatively distraction-free. Cons: Shockingly dark, and really, really quiet. Almost... too quiet. I think I'm the only non-staff member here.

That's okay, though. My goal is to hang out here for a few hours and edit a paper (which I'm presenting next week in Orlando!). Then I'll have lunch with Ross, and maybe manage to spend the rest of the day outside. Fingers crossed. Spring break has been alarmingly good so far. I expected it to be hellish, given the amount of stuff I need to do (and still need to do, natch), but so far, so good. The gorgeous weather has helped me to focus, weirdly. It's easier to study and feel motivated when I'm warm rather than cold (especially when some of that studying can happen outside in 80 degrees of sunshiney happiness). Yesterday I got up at 4:30am to do some work. Turns out this really works for me. I'm going to take a nap anyway (that's just how I roll when I'm home), so it makes sense to make up that time somewhere. And the house is lovely and quiet that early, so I get a lot done.

Anyway, I'm blabbing on, but I just wanted to check in. Fingers crossed that I get it all done... I will, right? It all gets done eventually. I should really go get some stuff done, though. I hope your week is restful and productive, wherever you are!