Monday, April 14, 2014

the april 14th challenge

Photo from a few weeks ago. I think we are officially done with snow!

Hello, long lost friends. A confession (the first of many, I'm afraid): I have a hard time writing on the blog when I'm sad. And I was sad a lot this winter. The reasons are multiple, and personal, and don't really matter in this context. The important thing is that I'm feeling much, much better. This weekend was breathtakingly beautiful, with warm weather and a serious embarrassment of flowers everywhere, and I felt light and happy and energized and so, so grateful to be on the other end of that time.

In an attempt to hang onto that energy, I'm setting myself a challenge. You guys know how much I love setting goals and making resolutions, and I was too anxious and sad* to do that this January. So this is like my mid-year new year's resolution list. If that makes sense**.

ANY-way, I'm calling it the April 14th challenge because rather than waiting until the beginning of the next month, I decided to start today. For the next month (until May 14th) I'm going to work on these seven goals:

  1. Write 750 words every day
  2. Drink at least 32 oz. of water every day  
  3. Write a snail mail letter - of love, thanks, or just greeting - every other day
  4. Go to Yoga at least once a week
  5. Run 3 times per week
  6. Write a post for this blog (this one here!) once a week
  7. Write a post for my professional blog every two weeks

I'm excited about this list, and especially about #3. While I was struggling this winter, I spent way too much time thinking about myself (come to think of it, this may be part of why I was sad in the first place). I really want to do a better job of turning my attention outward, of thanking and loving and making time for the people in my life. And nothing makes people happy like an unexpected letter.

That's it! Wish me luck. And happy, happy spring, dear friends.

Love, Haylie

*I don't mean this to feel too heavy! I was sad, for a whole lot of reasons, but I really am worlds better now. So don't worry, dear Reader! I'm doing just fine.
** This brings us to confession #2: I always feel a little (a lot) sappy and self-help-y when I post these things, but as it turns out, I'm suuuuuuper motivated by a list, and even more motivated when that list is public.