Thursday, September 25, 2014


After the Day of the Glacier, I don't have many pictures for a while. I was getting my conference on, with awesome presentations about medieval manuscripts (you really, really can't see it, but the little image on the manuscript in the left is of a beached whale getting harvested, which is one of the things I write about!) and medieval bridges (hey oh! Shout out to Ross). 

And then it was my birthday! The conference was still going on my birthday, but Liam, my GW friend M, and I still had some birthday fun times, starting with an early trip to Hallgrímskirkja and my favorite coffee shop. 

After the conference (at which everyone wished me happy birthday, thanks to M's very sweet spreading-of-the-word), we spent some time roaming around Reykjavík's beautiful cemetery. My friends thought that was a morbid thing to want to do on my birthday, but look at how wild and overgrown and beautiful it is! Honestly, I was puzzled by that. A cool thing to do is a cool thing to do, birthday or not. 

Plus there were cats. There were always cats in Reykjavík. It's a thing. 

We also visited City Hall...

and my beloved Harpa. Of course. 

These photos really aren't doing the day justice. We had dinner, of course, and I think we went to one of the city's hot tubs. We did that a lot (hot tubs and springs are a hugely important part of Icelandic culture), so it's hard to keep track. Regardless, I had a lovely birthday.

Next up: Chapter Four, in Which Haylie Wanders the City and Meets a Tree

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