Friday, September 26, 2014


Hello all! When I wasn't thoroughly enjoying the conference, I was thoroughly enjoying Reykjavík, nearly always in the company of Liam, M, or some of the other delightful people I met through the New Chaucer Society. Reykjavík is colorful, quirky, and eminently walkable. I am quite a fan. 

"Look! It's me! I'm a tree!" is how I read this sign in my head, despite the lack of actual punctuation marks. 

Behold! The world's best treehouse. 

And snuggliest, biggest gray cat. 

Murals and graffiti are everywhere in the city, especially along the main shopping street. 

I call this one "Fun with Texture!"

I call this one (of the huge relief map of Iceland at City Hall) "Fun with Time Lapse!"

Getting our medieval on. 

Near the end of my solar stay in Reykjavík I moved from the hostel into an apartment I found on airbnb. My friend Linnea beat me to it, however. 

On of my favorite meals. 

And my favorite view, late at night. 

Next time: Chapter Five, in Which Ross Shows Up and the Adventures Really Begin

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