Tuesday, December 7, 2010

the weather outside is frightful... the end

Photo from Cerloz via Cup of Jo

So... it's cold here. Really, really cold. Everyone said that it was colder in DC than Portland, but apparently I don't listen very well. I was utterly unprepared for how truly, face-numbingly, bone-chillingly cold it really is. It happened unexpectedly. We went from weeks of relatively balmy, sunny, fifty-degree weather to high-of-forty, forty MPH winds virtually overnight. And it's been that way for days!

I realize I've already covered this, but it really is cold. That is all.

Somewhere, far, far away, a Kathayoon is laughing.


  1. Did you hear about the week of Thanksgiving, when we had a low of 17 degrees one day? Don't worry, Beaverton closed all of its schools. Beaverton is silly sometimes.

    Luckily it's back to normal December-Portland temperatures. I'm very sorry to hear about the wind though. I HATE wind.

  2. HAHAHAHA i was laughing, before i read your tiny script. you know me well. the cold was one of the top two reasons why i didn't apply to yale for my ph.d.

    between my time and d.c. and my time in connecticut, i acquired a couple Really Cute peacoats. see? there's an upside.

  3. Colleen: I was really worried.

    Kathayoon: Good call re: Yale. It's hella cold.

  4. Just in case you hadn't heard, we had 40 mile an hour winds here in Washougal last week too. It WAS cold!! With wind chill about 20 I'm guessing. Do you have a warm scarf and hat and mittens?? I know, I know, it still hurts to breathe! Miss you - AK