Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Sorry, guys. I hate it when I fail to post for a while. But we have been really busy around here (hence the blurry, life-is-moving-too-fast photo). I promise to do better. In the meantime, and in no special order, here's a bullet point list of what we've been up to for your Wednesday.
  • A little while ago I started working at an after-school program for kids in an underserved community. It's a little overwhelming (and could not possibly be more different than the zoo), but mostly rewarding. In the process, I'm relearning middle school algebra and geometry, so that's cool.
  • Ross' job satisfaction continues to steadily increase, so that's good. He's a bridge designer for the Maryland State Highway Administration (in case you didn't know). When he says that I picture beautiful bridges over water, but it turns out that overpasses are bridges, too. There's no real glamour in life.
  • We miss our friends a lot and think about you all the time. I'm sorry I don't call more often... Because of the time difference, it turns out that the most convenient time for me to call the west coast is also the time when I'm commuting. So I'm still working on that.
  • Even though I'm terrible at blogging about them, Ross and I have had some excellent adventures. Highlights include: A camping trip in West Virginia; a trip to the Eastern shore; the Jon Stewart rally; and lots of exploration of DC museums (and gift shops: no purchases yet, though).
  • After some deliberation, we've decided to stay here for the holidays this year. But we're hoping to make a Portland/Sacramento trip in the spring some time. Because we miss you all (see above).
  • There's a kid crossing the street who looks just like my nephew, Max, only a little less cute, obviously. Heartbreak.
  • I've decided to specialize in medieval and early modern literature, which is kind of exciting, right? I'm excited, anyway.
  • I'm good. Ross is good. Creature is good. We're a happy family.


  1. wow, medieval/early modern?! i had no idea that was your area! way to go!

  2. hopefully we'll cross paths in portland, but if not, you guys should scurry up to palo alto when you visit sacremento! or in some other way we should meet up in california :) glad to hear you're doing well! miss you!!