Sunday, August 1, 2010

summer loving, part 2: zion

Shortly after leaving Las Vegas we met up with the Swenson family in St. George and drove to Zion National Park in Utah where we experienced some of the following:

1. We learned about coloration and camouflage.

2. We became one with the park (note the road WAY down below) as Ross and I hiked the Hidden Canyon Trail.

3. We were awed.

4. We found some BIGHORN SHEEP, about which I was ridiculously excited. We also wrote the following song (sung to the tune of Three Blind Mice):

Bighorn Sheep, Bighorn Sheep
See how they run over the rocks

They run so fast 'cause they're light on their feet.
They're light on their feet 'cause they're Bighorn Sheep.
They're Bighorn Sheep 'cause that's how they were born.
They're Bighorn Sheep.
Fade out
Bighorn Sheep... Bighorn Sheep... Bighorn Sheep...

5. We lost a tooth (Ross) and experienced great anxiety and worry (Haylie).

6. We got to use the words "brother-in-law" and "sister-in-law." Whoa.

Good times, family. Let's do it again some time... maybe here?


  1. I love the song! I sang it to Dallin. And what about this lost tooth? Expound please...

  2. Did he find it again? Or get it replaced? I'm suddenly more concerned about his mouth than I have any right to be.

  3. He got it replaced. In fact, it wasn't ever really lost, per se. It was just decidedly not where it was supposed to be.