Monday, August 2, 2010

monday confessions

Inspired, one must acknowledge, by this

Even though I publicly chastise people who complain about Oregon's weather, sometimes I hate it, too.

If I could only pick one author to read for the rest of my life, I might pick Roald Dahl over Jane Austen.

I don't really cry when people leave, even some of my very favorite people. This makes me feel like a bad friend.

However, I wept through massive portions of the stage version of The Lion King.

Birth stories and newborn babies give me extreme anxiety.

Seriously. But introduce us when they're six and we'll be best friends.

I wish I had dark (curly) hair and dark eyes.

I also wish I had red (curly) hair and green eyes.

I'm irritated with women who constantly straighten their hair.

I would sleep with a DOT official if I thought I could get Ross a job in Maryland.

That's a lie. I wouldn't really.

Unresolved conflict makes me crazier than crazy.

I try to, but I don't really like opera.

I've gained ten pounds since getting married.

I'm good at relationships with animals, places, and books. I struggle with relationships with humans.

Sometimes I trick myself into thinking I'm pregnant and go into full panic mode until I get my period.

I put ridiculous amounts of sugar in my tea. No - obscene amounts. I'm okay with it, though.


  1. If it makes you feel better, Tim's gained about 30 pounds since we've been married!

  2. Um... I constantly straighten my hair.

    and... you could stand to gain 10 lbs. (or more)

  3. I know, Katie. And it's lovely (but I also really loved it when it was curly) :o) And thanks!

  4. I straighten my hair... not constantly, but often. This is because Oprah made a decree: "even stay-at-home moms need to look put together". So let it be written, so let it be done.

    *I jest... about Oprah... not about straightening my hair.

    **I curl my hair equally as often.