Wednesday, May 19, 2010

the week of living resolutely, day 3

Hello again, all. I just got home from the zoo and I'm TIRED so a quick update tonight. B first, thanks for the love. I really appreciate it.

Today went well. Ross and I actually got up mostly on time, even though neither of us slept at all well due to a more-than-usually noisy NW 23rd and darker forces which will be enumerated below. I was *basically* on time to both Girl Scouts and the zoo, and although I took a nap I did so with full intent and the knowledge that I was working an eleven-hour day. Because of this I wasn't able to take the bike out, but I'm not worried about it since we walk three to five miles every Zoo Snooze. I even almost drank enough water (I feel like walking in the rain made up for the missing moisture). Anyway, the point is that the Week of Living Resolutely continues well.

In other news, last night I made 44 clove garlic soup, which, while incredibly delicious, came with--I'll try to say this delicately--dire gastrointestinal consequences for both myself and the spouse. Hence both the long and sleepless night and my intense gratitude that nobody was coming over today. It was too delicious not to recommend, but consider yourself warned.

Quote of the day:

Haylie, to Ross, over the phone: Hey, baby. How's your bod?
Ross, to Haylie, over the phone: I am a Superfund site.

Day 3 of The Week: RESOLVED.


  1. I LOVE this! As I began reading your first post of Weekly Resolutions the book, The Happiness Project popped in my head. I thought, "I should recommend this book to Haylie!" I just so happen to be reading it and I love it. I am a lists person. I don't feel like I've accomplished anything unless I've crossed it off my list. Wierd I know. Anyway I love your Weekly Resolutions. I think I might start my own! Good luck with the rest of the week.

  2. I hate that garlic does that! Because I love garlic!! I discovered that fact, much to my dismay, the year I went to the Portland Garlic festival.

    Great to see you the other night. :)