Tuesday, May 18, 2010

the week of living resolutely, day 2

Day two of The Week began rather badly and looks to be ending rather well. Here's a quick reminder of my seven goals:

1. Drink enough water
2. Wake up early
3. Write
4. Exercise
5. Eat less sugar
6. Be on time
7. Restrict napping

Ross and I did not get up at our stated time of 7:00 and instead stayed in bed until 8:00, which meant he was late. I didn't get time to write today (besides right now), but I've had enough water, I didn't eat any sugar that I can think of (besides the sugar in the lemon curd I had for breakfast), and I wasn't late for anything (although this was because there wasn't anything for me to be on time for). However, these triumphs were somewhat marred by my utterly shameful fall off of the "restrict napping" wagon. I was pretty tired, so I decided to allow myself a quick catnap, which turned into two-and-a-half hours of sleeping insobriety. Yikes.

But this, like all good stories, is a story of redemption. Although ashamed by the nap debacle, I dragged myself out of bed and onto the bike, upon which I rode ALL. THE. WAY. to the zoo. For those unfamiliar with the area, this entails 3.6 miles of merciless vertical climbing. I am woman. Hear me roar.

Day 2 of The Week: RESOLVED.

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  1. Just popped in to say -- GO HAYLIE! You rode the bike to work?! There is no ther way to put it... you kick a$$.