Tuesday, December 1, 2009

new day's resolutions

Lovely Photo found here

Tomorrow I will:
*Leave the house before 3pm
*Clean the kitty's litter box
*Edit my C.V. and Personal Statement
*Go for a walk while it's still light outside
*Write and send yet another begging email to my professors
*Play more proactively with the cat
*Read scriptures
*Drink water

Tomorrow I will not:
*Spend more than half an hour watching "The Daily Show"
*Spend more than fifteen minutes reading blogs
*Read any movie reviews. Not a one
*Nap for longer than I intend


"New Day's Resolutions: Because Sometimes We All Suck at Life"


  1. Oh Haylie, NAP! Nap nap nap! Nap all you can! And then nap some more for me. :)

  2. Hey! If you want I can just e-mail you the pictures you want so you can burn them on a disk and print at will. Doesn't mark look so grown up?! He is adorable....haha but don't tell him I said that.