Saturday, February 11, 2012


Now that we've lived in our town for well over a year, I think it's time that you (my readers) and it were introduced. We live in Laurel, MD. Our town straddles Howard (good schools), Anne Arundel (okay schools), and Prince George's (bad schools) counties. We live in the Prince George's section. Fact: Several of the hijackers of American Airlines Flight 77 (Pentagon) stayed in Laurel prior to 9/11, so, you know. That happened. Thanks Wikipedia.

My point is that Laurel is definitely a mixed bag, but we actually live in a great area with a lot to recommend it. Exhibit A is the Patuxent River, which run directly behind our house. During the winter, when the leaves are down, I can see it from my desk. The river has a trail which runs along it and which is probably my very favorite thing ever.

Aaaaand the river in winter:

Besides geese (and goslings!), we've seen woodpeckers, cardinals, kingfishers, turtles, deer, and fawns near the river. Also, this big-a**, terrifying spider web.


We live on "Laurel's Historic Main Street," which sounds charming and mostly is, although it's seen better days. Every year Laurel stages a huge festival with food and music and a parade, and it's literally outside our door. Which is pretty cool. 

My other favorite thing about where we live, without question, is the library.

You know that silly book and blog, Stuff White People Like? Well, as it turns out, I really like books that white people like. Because of that, and because our library is just generally underused, books I would have to wait weeks for in Portland I can get immediately here. It's pretty cool.

Anyway, that's Laurel! We like it.


  1. But how about your awesome apartment? That's a great thing about Laurel, too. In fact, if I ever move to the east coast, I want you to pick out my apartment, because you guys always have the best places to live.