Monday, April 25, 2011

how to have the best day ever

Step One: Finish the paper that has been making your life mis-e-ra-ble for almost a week now (and feel pretty good about it, as well). Email the sucker off with nary a look over your shoulder, just in time for...

Step Two: Yoga class! For best results, choose one with a warm and lovely teacher with tight red curly hair. Chaturanga like the BAMF you are. Namaste. 

Step Three: What?! Two whole hours before your next class?! That's okay... read outside in the sunshine (86 degrees today!), your only regret being that you wore the jeans instead of the dress. 

Step Four: After class (this wasn't your favorite class, and therefore doesn't count as part of the best. Day. Ever) take the Metro to Union Station. Catch the early train!

Step Five: Spend the evening working on the garden you are co-opting with good friends (they have the yard, you have the will). Eat delicious veggie tortilla wraps and homemade mango ice cream. Get home at ten and throw open all the windows, because it's still lovely outside. 

Repeat as necessary. 

Hope you had a lovely day, too!


  1. I didn't know you considered yourself a BAMF.
    Is that just in relation to yoga? Or life in general?
    Please say life in general.

  2. Usually life in general, although not so much this morning as I wrestle with a paper that STILL ISN'T DONE! Besides, I wrote this post in the second person, so doesn't that make YOU the BAMF? I think so.

  3. You are a tricky one, Miss Haylie.
    I assumed you were writing it in the second person, surreptitiously reffering to yourself, so as to let us know what a BAMF you are, yet not directly brag about it.
    Very clever... that is, if I actually got that right.
    Maybe I should not read so much into your posts.