Friday, March 4, 2011

update friday

Hello all. Remember that time in January when I promised that I’d blog more often? I believe 20 posts a week was my delightfully naïve goal. Ah! Something about the plans of mice and men (and graduate students). Please accept my sincerest apologies, and my (mostly sincere) promise to do better. In the meantime, here are some bullet-point updates for your consideration:

  • Loves her hexbug
  • Misses her terrace garden
  • Is otherwise pretty much the same she always was
  • Continues to work extremely hard for the State Highway Administration, making sure that the bridges of Maryland don’t fall down. I think we can all agree this is an important service. Thanks, Ross!
  • Had an interesting project lately in which he was checking the plans for a pedestrian bridge that really would have fallen down if he had cleared it. Which he didn’t
  • Organized the bookshelf and “the office,” which means the house is pretty much all done. Thanks again, Ross
  • Is reading the Harry Potter series in Polish
  • Likes Creature a little. Sometimes
  • Likes Haylie a lot. Usually
  • Started working a lot more hours at her job with Kid Power DC.
  • Is taking (and mostly really enjoying) classes on Shakespeare, medieval objects, and Virginia Woolf
  •  Is presenting at her first ever conference (at GW, on a graduate panel) in a week!
  • Is presenting at her second ever conference (in SLC! On a real grownup panel!) in April
  • Is flying to Sacramento to visit her dad and family for Spring Break
  • Got a summer job with the Institute of Reading Development
  • Started a design and style blog which has been really fun (and fairly popular) with Kathayoon
  •  Officially became a vegetarian a few weeks ago

  • Are hoping to have some adventures this summer
  • Are planning a co-op garden with some friends (who have a yard and a baby on the way!)
  • Can't wait for it to get warmer
  • Are really sad about a certain family moving to Seattle :o(
  • Miss all of you West Coasters an awful lot

Haylie et al    

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  1. Ahem. Does this mean you won't be in DC in two weeks when I come out there to see you?????

    Also, tell me about your Shakespeare class! Sounds super fantastic and I'm extra jealous.