Thursday, January 13, 2011

cinderella story (well, kind of)

This morning as I was running to catch a Metro train a man accidentally stepped on my heel so that I lost my shoe outside the Metro just as the doors were about to close. I swore (not meanly, just impulsively) and bent over. "No, no, no," he insisted as he grabbed my shoe and placed it so I could step into it. The doors closed. "That was almost an unfortunate situation," he said (in a British accent no less!).

This event was exactly as charming as it sounds.

Note: My apologies for not blogging lately. It's the first week of school and I've been busy applying for, interviewing for, and receiving a new job (plus a bonus interview at the Maryland Zoo tomorrow). More updates this weekend... maybe even New York pictures.


  1. i always like to think that my blog will be discovered by someone who wants to pay me lots of money to have a blog and then i won't need a job. this will happen for you i bet, just stop schooling/job hunting and only write in your blog.

  2. Aww, lovely!

    I completed my index-card journal last night. I'm very excited about it!

  3. Caught any metro trains lately? Lost any shoes? Where are you Cinderella girl? XO AK