Tuesday, December 14, 2010

8am contradictions

Photo from here, a new, curiously addicting blog discovery

On the one hand: I still have about 26 pages to write before I'm done with the term. For the next three days I'll be stuck here, in front of this desk, hour after hour, typing my sweet silly brains out. I'm still waking up every morning before my alarm with feelings of panic, and I'm not sure how my grades are going to turn out.

On the other hand: There's a beautiful (but mercifully thin) blanket of snow covering the parking lot outside. The sky is the palest of blues, the trees are bare and lovely, and I can actually see through them to the river. Creature is sleeping on her bed right next to my on my desk, we already have a festive pile of Christmas presents, and I'm nursing a hot cup of tea. I just enjoyed my breakfast ritual, and yesterday, I wrote every single page that I was supposed to. I've never felt so disciplined or in control of my work habits.

Someone tell me how I'm supposed to feel about this day.


  1. You feel positive! You'll be done (one way or another) in three days! Cs get degrees! Tea is awesome! Typing burns calories! Exclamation points are fun! Creature is adorable! YOU'RE A GIRAFFE!

  2. holy crap haylie, how many classes are you TAKING?? i cannot believe you're still writing papers! as a fellow english masters student, i have to say...you got the short end of the stick. you MUST have! next term will be way easier, it's gotta be! :)

    you are impressing the hell out of me, by the way.

  3. Dear Miss Jess and Mr. Chris,

    Thanks for absolutely, totally, and utterly making my day. I miss you LOTS.

    Specifically at Chris: I think our term runs unusually long, and also, I'm taking three classes. Each required a roughly 20 page final paper. I was mentally unprepared.

  4. Also: I always appreciate comments from both of you :o)