Wednesday, August 25, 2010

some more quick thoughts

Hi beloved friends, etc. No pictures still. Sorry about that. Maybe tomorrow(???).

Today was long but good. Yesterday: long but good. In fact, the days have been so long and action packed that I feel like I've been here significantly longer than I have.

I also feel bad posting this so late, but then I remember that all the people who might be reading it are three hours behind, so I feel better.

Today I went to Baltimore, which was fascinating, since it was totally intimidating (for instance, it has a ridiculously high crime rate), but also incredibly beautiful. Glorious architecture pretty much everywhere. I can't figure it out. How did such a lovely city get to have such a bad (and, apparently, deserved) reputation? It's very mysterious.

Since Baltimore is functionally out, I'm still trying to figure out where to live such that Ross can get to work and I can get to DC with a minimum of hassle and expense and bodily harm (as in crime). Any previous knowledge any of you might have about the area is abundantly welcome.

In the interest of, you know, finding a place to live, I applied for a membership with Zipcar today. I'm really excited about it. My affiliation with GWU got me a 50% discount on the annual fee, and there are tons of cars available in Foggy Bottom (which is where GWU is located, and which I can't ever write/think without giggling).

My SIL, Kimberly, is one of the Young Women's leaders for her ward, and tonight she invited me to go with them on a photo scavenger hunt at the National Mall. This was delightful in and of itself, since the Mall is beautiful and the girls were hilarious (and my team won). But a simple pleasant evening was transformed into a memorable event by one incredibly moment: I saw my first firefly. I have a life list of things I'd like to do (some items of which long time readers will remember), but the very top of the list for years has been seeing a firefly. It was very, very cool and made me feel much less stressed about this whole thing. Like a good omen.

That's it for tonight, folks. Thanks for your comments (here and on Facebook) and your thoughts. I miss you all lots and lots, but I'm doing well. Just send me some good apartment thoughts, ok?




  1. Isn't Young Womens the best? I can't even imagine having a scavenger hunt on the Mall. I guess I better put my thinking cap on and get creative!

  2. Fireflies! Aren't they rad? The first (and only) time I saw them was in North Carolina a few years ago, and I thought I was imagining them. So relieved when my friends said they could see them, too!

    Have you talked to Tiffanie about places to live? She's the only one I really know over there.

  3. i know some people in DC! want me to hook you up with them? they might have some leads on the housing front.

  4. I saw my first firefly in MN! Lot's of them! It was beautiful! Then Will smashed one to show me how they make your skin glow. Boys are silly.