Monday, August 23, 2010

goodbye portland*

*Things I said (maybe out loud, maybe while crying big wet tears) as we drove to the airport this morning

Goodbye NW 23rd
Goodbye Everett
Goodbye pedestrian Ross didn't stop for
Goodbye Burnside
Goodbye Fremont Bridge
Goodbye Broadway Bridge
Goodbye Mount Hood
Goodbye "Made in Oregon" sign
Goodbye dog park in the Pearl
Goodbye Willamette River
Goodbye OHSU hill
Goodbye Powell's (Oh! Goodbye Powell's)
Goodbye ghetto Gresham
Goodbye Rocky Butte
Goodbye bridge that looks like a fish on the way to the airport
Goodbye Max
Goodbye Portland Airport, voted the best airport in the country, like, ten times
Goodbye Powell's in the airport
Goodbye "C" terminal (the best terminal, since it has the aforementioned Powell's)

And some things I didn't say, but am saying now

Goodbye Yogi and Tazo teas
Goodbye Ken's Artisan Bakery
Goodbye Zoo
Goodbye rain rain
Goodbye apartment
Goodbye incredible neighbors: Heather, Patty, and Scott, the emperor of Portland
Goodbye tomato plant
Goodbye Whole Foods in the Pearl. There will be other Whole Foods, but they won't be the same
Goodbye Street Roots newspaper and salespeople
Goodbye lovely commute
Goodbye Central Library

Goodbye Creature
Goodbye friends and family
Goodbye Ross

See you later, alligators. I've got a plane to catch


  1. bye bye friends! have lots of fun!

  2. Where the heck are you going?

  3. Hey Brit! I'm in DC! I got into graduate school and moved last night. Ross is coming in late September/early October. He has a job in Baltimore. Let's talk soon!

  4. Whoa! Congratulations. =) I need to tell you about our favorite eating spots from when we lived there a couple years ago!

  5. What?!? No Goodbye Washougal?

  6. this post makes me heart sick. you are wonderful!