Friday, June 4, 2010

a creature by any other name

Hello all. Quick update: last night's mystery date was to Dance United, a collaborative work featuring Oregon Ballet Theatre, the Miami City Ballet, the Dutch National Ballet, the Australian Ballet, the Joffrey Ballet, and the San Francisco Ballet. It was delightful (particularly the pieces by Joffrey and San Francisco), although not quite as good as Dance United 2009. Thanks, Ross. You did good.

In other news, my dear friend Amanda mentioned me on her blog, and I thought I'd return the favor, by which I mean that her blog inspired a topic, and I decided to run with it. Amanda talked about the "illustrious triple spoon," a spoon involving herself, her boyfriend (whose name is emphatically not Greg--sorry about that, yet again) and their cat, Lily. Ross and I also enjoy the triple spoon, which has led to Creature receiving the nickname of "the littlest spoon," or the "teaspoon." Anyway, that was a very long introduction to the topic of this blog, which is the many (nick)names of Creature the Cat.
  • Creet Because it sounds like Creature. Obviously.
  • Goober, Nerd, Weirdo and Turkey Because sometimes she's a goober, a nerd, a weirdo or a turkey.
  • Whore Cat This is Ross' favorite.
  • Russian Satellite We like to call her Turkey (see above), which one day turned into Turkmenistan, which turned into Russian Satellite. It's really nerdy in here. You have no idea.
  • Fetcher This is Ross' second favorite.
  • Insert-word-here-Face Foodface. Hungryface. Sleepyface. Kissyface. Sometimes even cuteface.
  • Lady Because that's what she is.
Creature, thanks for giving us (Haylie) so much joy and laughter and for not being hurt by all of the horrible things we (Ross) call (calls) you. You're the best. Stay forever.


  1. Us too! I think any time there's a cat involved, the spooning gets awesomer and the bed gets smaller. Our cat is Adina, and we call her The Kitten (she's 15), Little One, Little Girl, Slut, and Stupid. She is all of those things. (Slut for love and snuggles, not like she's running around the neighborhood gettin' busy with all the tomcats over here. Let's be clear--my cat may be an attention/snuggle whore, but she's still classy.)

    I miss you!