Monday, June 21, 2010

and so it begins

As I write this, it's almost 10pm. For the last hour and a half Ross and I have been sleeping on the couch. Apparently, Tiger Camp (Haylie) + A continuing and mysterious cold (Ross) + One bowl macaroni-and-cheese (Annie's) = Enough to do us in entirely. And no wonder: today was the first day of summer camp, and it was both delightful and eventful. Favorite quote of the day:

Female Tiger camper, said with no trace of giggling or discomfort, in reference to the male Mandrill: I see his penis.

Could be.

This same camper, one of the most petite and ladylike girls in class, also sweetly and proudly announced when she was about to fart.

Could be.

In other news, I am HUGELY grateful for my incredibly amazing staff. I anticipate wonderfully mellow and easygoing things from Tiger B. BRING IT, summer camp. Tomorrow, though. Right now I'm going back to bed.

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