Friday, May 21, 2010

the week of living resolutely, day 5

So I think quick reminder is called for. This week I have pledged to try my hardest to keep the following seven resolutions:

1. Drink enough water
2. Wake up early
3. Write
4. Exercise
5. Eat less sugar
6. Be on time
7. Restrict napping

I've been doing pretty well all week and have been especially diligent, for some reason, about drinking enough water. But today, bruised and scraped and stiff and sore, I decided "to hell with it." I spent all day reading a book called Just Do It! and watching "Pretty Woman." I did not wake up early, I didn't really write, I dumped a liberal amount of sugar into my tea, and I wasn't late to work only because I called in sick. In fact, I didn't really accomplish anything. But I didn't take a nap, I drank an awful lot of water, and I took a much-needed break for my bruised and broken bod. So you know what?


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