Saturday, April 17, 2010

scenes from a celebration

As mentioned previously, Ross and I recently celebrated our six-month anniversary. Being exceedingly busy people, we celebrated over two weekends.

Weekend 1

Last Saturday (like a week ago Saturday) was our actual anniversary, which we celebrated by shopping at the Farmer's Market, Fossil, and by eating at the Burgerville truck (which was deliciously and conveniently parked outside of the Portland Art Museum).

We also planted a garden, which made me very happy indeed.

Weekend 2

Saturday (as in, the day that was two days ago) we lazed around all morning...

...before visiting Oxbow Regional Park...

... and getting ice cream at Cool Moon.

Happy anniversary (again), beloved!


  1. Pictures with Creature? Hilarious! You're delightful.

  2. I think we have the same bed, got mine for PU graduation!

    Oh and to reply to your comment on my blog. I'm working from home watching someone else's baby! No baby for me yet :)

  3. The pictures of you guys sleeping with the cat are HILARIOUS.

    The one of Creature and Ross both on their backs? I could wet my pants.