Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy New Year!

2009 was fun and all, but we are SO glad that 2010 is here, as we are looking forward to:
  1. Our midwinter trip to a) the coast, b) Seattle, or C) As-yet-undecided mystery location
  2. March and the graduate school verdict (yikes)
  3. Rowing rowing rowing at this fine institution as soon as it gets warm enough
  4. Hopeful trips to Bend, Utah, and Ashland
  5. Finding out where we're going to live for the next forever (see number 2)
  6. Transcontinental road trip
  7. Celebrating our 1-year anniversary, birthdays, and other excuses to blow off real life
  8. Continued enjoyment of and exasperation with Creature
  9. Resolving some unresolved issues in my life
  10. A plethora of summertime adventures
  11. Exploring more of Portland and the city graduate school decides for us
  12. Striking out into the unknown
Dear 2010,
Bring it.

Joshua Tree from New Year's 2008.
Probably my favorite place in the whole world.

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  1. Joshua Tree--possibly my favorite ALBUM ever. : ) I miss you, lady!