Monday, December 7, 2009


Dear Writing Resource Center Gods,

Every Monday I drive all the way out to Forest Grove to tutor at the Writing Resource Center. Monday, 12-3. That's my shift. And every week the distinct lack of visitors to the WRC has allowed me to get an awful lot of stuff done. Every. Week.

So why, writing center gods, did you choose today of all days to send me six (bad) essays? Why? I drove out here for weeks to help no one. But now that my deadline for my December graduate school applications is next Tuesday, of course, you would send me six of your needy. This is the week! The week of productivity, of go-getter-ness. Of research and writing and the oh-so-diligent application of the self! Why, oh why, must you choose today of all days to foil my best laid plans?

This is my angry WRC face.



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