Thursday, November 12, 2009


Tonight I will be sleeping at the zoo (on my TWENTY-HOUR SHIFT), which means that for the first time in our marriage, spouse and I will not be sleeping together. However, neither of us will be sleeping alone. I will be sleeping with somewhere between thirty and forty sixth graders (plus parents). Ross will be sleeping with our cat.

Wish us luck.


  1. Sleeping apart is really terrible. Even if you have a bevy of sixth graders or a cat to keep you company. (Haylie, I think you got the better deal with the sixth graders. That is, if your cat is as big a bed hog as our cat is.) But maybe you guys are more mature than we are, and maybe you'll be able to handle it. And if not, you can tell me all the horror stories when we have LUNCH TOMORROW!

    But I'm not excited or anything.

  2. We're excited to hear about your new family member. Hannah has a new family member too. Her name is Nahla, and she's pretty darn
    cute...even if she does have a hernia! See ya Sunday.

  3. Hi Jessica! It went well, thanks. I like my job. Not something I want to repeat all the time, though.