Monday, November 23, 2009

letter to the president

Dear President Obama,

I think it's really awesome that, to quote the New York Times, "you will announce a campaign [today] to enlist companies and nonprofit groups to spend money, time and volunteer effort to encourage students, especially in middle and high school, to pursue science, technology, engineering and math." I also think it's really awesome that that campaign includes a two-year science focus on "Sesame Street." Nothing beats Elmo in a lab coat. And I agree completely that science and math are going to be integral to our continued success as a nation. But Mr. Obama, I am currently applying to get my Ph.D. in English Literature. En-glish Lit-er-a-ture. The least science-y program in academia since medieval studies. And by the time I graduate into what is already a deeply depressed job market, looking to grab my own little piece of tenure, all these middle school students you are targeting will be entering college. At which time it would be really awesome if some of them wanted to study ENGLISH! Must the sciences and the liberal arts be endlessly locked in this holy war for funding? Can we possibly strive for a new and lasting peace?

Just some thoughts.


Haylie Swenson Dewey

P.S. Also, it would be great if you could endorse Elmo's 2012 bid for Congress. Thank you. HSD

1 comment:

  1. Hooray for science!

    Lab geeks - 1
    Literature nerds - 0

    (Sorry Haylie.)