Tuesday, November 17, 2009

battlestar brunch

On Saturday Ross and I got up (not especially) early to get ready for a full day of Battlestar Galactica-watching, brunch-preparing, concert-going good times. Our day started with a trip to Portland's exceptionally fabulous farmer's market.

After conquering the farmer's market we brought our spoils home and Ross made me breakfast.

Green onions, buffalo sausage, and bell pepper potato scramble with the Best. Bread. In the. Universe. It was pretty delicious.

After brunch we settled in to watch Battlestar, Season 4.5, discs two and three. Only ONE DISC LEFT, which we will watch tonight. I'm losing my mind.

Later that evening my dear friend Annette (no pictures, sad face) came over. We went to Moonstruck before going to a concert at the Ash Street Saloon (no good pictures, sad face).

Overall it was a most excellent day. So say we all.


  1. You better keep an eye on that cat of yours. Ross has been known to pick up fully grown cats by their tails and swing them around, just for fun. History tends to repeat itself...